The Gift of The Internet and Online Shopping

I’d like to focus today’s post on the amazing world we have at our fingertips. In a moment’s notice we can virtually feel as though we’re perusing through the streets of New York and enter amazing retail worlds we may not have the opportunity to visit or experience in person. …Ah, the world wide web. It’s given us the ability to practically buy anything we want from just about any store in the world. This is especially wonderful for our friends living in rural areas or small towns who don’t have regular access to larger retail shops and stores.

I’d like to focus on several tips that can help you feel more focused when shopping online, how to get the best deals, and when to buy quality items.

  1. Sign Up For E-Mail Lists

I can feel your eyeballs rolling at me on this- but TRUST me. Finding great deals takes time, dedication, and patience. But time can be cut in half when you’re on great email lists from good retailers. Case in point:

President's Day Sales Emails
President’s Day Sales Emails

Holiday sales. Stores will have amazing online sales during weekends where you can get amazing, quality items for a steal. The above list was a screen shot taken from President’s Day email notifications – notice sales from 20%-60% off.

I have a word of advice for being a healthy email subscriber. Delete the MAJORITY of your emails. Keep in mind that you’re not always looking for items just because they’re on sale. You’re only shopping for items that you’ll need to complete an outfit or that can be used multiple ways. Just because The Gap has sales on sweaters at 60% this weekend doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy three. Stick to a “need” or a “work towards” goal list. This will keep your fashion wardrobe to a minimum and reduce impulse buys. Remember, if you don’t see yourself wearing an item 1. regularly 2. with at least 3 different items in your wardrobe, or 3. an item you can use between two different seasons don’t buy it.

2. Where and How to Shop Online

Just because most stores offer online shopping doesn’t mean they’re all great to buy from online. Many places can seem great from the screen and when you’ve received items, they aren’t at all what you pictured on the website. I’d like to point you towards stores that have great options for online shoppers:

  • ASOS – An amazing online retailer based out of the UK, this store has options to see “catwalk” views of just about every item they sell online. These are real models wearing the real item. It’s great to see what an item not only looks like in a photo, but how it moves and looks in light. I’m a huge advocate for this brand because it also has petite, maternity and curve sizes.

  • TopShopYet another UK based retailer, this store also sells items in many Nordstrom’s stores. I am a fan of their website because of their impeccable ability to suggest great pieces along with what you’re looking at. (be careful, this can be dangerous! I like to use it as a styling inspiration tool.)
  • CHoiESThe one and only place I know where you can get “Cara Delevingne” street-style inspired tee-shirts. This is a street style wonderland. AND did I mention free shipping worldwide??
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.16.29 PM

I’d like to summarize by encouraging readers to subscribe to their favorite retailers email lists. There may be a dress or top that you’ve had your sites set on; but you’re really going to get your money’s worth and you’ll be happy when you bought the item for $30 instead of $65 two months earlier.

We’ll discuss what’s best to buy on sale and what’s best to leave behind in future posts- but for now, get subscribing!


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