Thrift Store Shopping: Challenge, Accepted

Walking into a giant warehouse that smells like laundry detergent and what must assuredly be the lost and found of Grandmother’s scarves can seem like a meager place to find great fashion pieces.

However, many great fashion enthusiasts will tell you that one of their most treasured wardrobe pieces was found at a Goodwill or an unassuming second hand store. So what’s the secret in finding great items without spending hours at a time sorting through piles of tacky polyester??

Look for:

1. Clean Lines
2. Quality Fabric
3. Unusual patterns
3. Classic piecesScreen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.59.05 PM
For my Goodwill shopping trip this past week, I focused on blouses. I went in primarily for new material for this blog post and crossed my fingers I’d find good enough pieces to use as examples.  I loved the red blouse as soon as I noticed it and kept it along for it’s 100% silk material tag. It has great clean lines and is in good condition. Overall, just needs a good steam. The green shirt stuck out to me because its a limited edition shirt from Target. It’s from a designer’s collection, and I loved the bright colors and colorblock scheme to it. The white blouse was simple, clean and made of linen. Great quality item I picked up immediately. Lastly, I picked the apple blouse for it’s fun, unique pattern.

image (4)image (2)
imageimage (6)

In the end, I decided that the red blouse had too much of a “christmas shine” to it. Great for the holiday season, but not currently relevant to me. Once I tried on the green blouse, I noticed it had an elastic hem, contributing to a very “parachute” look. Not good. As cute as the apple print was, the top looked bad in all the wrong places- the polyester material also made it look cheap on. I had to say no. The white linen top was chic, classy, and looked like I had spent $50 on it. At $4.99 it was a done deal.

 For those with shopping anxiety, a love for online shopping, or if you’re just plain passionate about finding great deals on quality name brand items then you’ll be happy to know that Goodwill has an online store.
 goodwill coachdressgoodwill marc j
left to right: Coach brown leather bag $48, MICHAEL Michael Kors dress $6.99, Marc by Marc Jacobs white leather purse $53
(prices current at time of published post)
I don’t think I have to reiterate what a SCORE you’d be getting those items at. Check out the website and see if you can’t find your own awesome treasures!

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