The Fashion App That’ll Save the Shopping Universe

For the entire retail world, the hunt of a perfect eggplant colored top or a black leather pencil skirt can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You know what I mean…. WHERE ARE THE STRIPED FIT AND FLARE DRESSES WHEN YOU NEED ‘EM? Tirelessly, and after hours of scouring through your favorite stores you still haven’t found the striped dress of your dreams. You’re stressed out, discouraged, and not even sure anyone even carries said dress in the entire universe.

So I’ve invented a new idea for a fashion-focused search application for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media that runs similarly to Google and Pinterest combined.

fashionappideaScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.22.29 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.22.08 PM

The interface will be clean, easy to use, and focused on a problem-solving and visual user experience.  Like Google and other search engines the application will use a system of sorting through online data to find what you’re looking for by a process of keywords.

The user will first narrow down their item search by clothing item.

Example: “Style Me, I’m looking for a White Button Down Top.”
User hits the “Blouse” button and sorts through an easy-to-use list assortment to find what she’s looking for.

These lists will include relevant information such as Item Type (blouse or T-shirt) Color (white) Price (under $50 please!) Size and Material (cotton).

Our Pinterest inspired catalog will display online photo results only, keeping the user within the app and able to “click” on particular items and “heart” them to her profile for saving for later. Once she’s ready to check out the perfect white cotton top, she’ll push her checkout tab and be guided to that particular website’s checkout page.

I’d hope to have partnerships with online retailers just like Google uses its online ads in that I can have their item come up on the search higher than others by paying a price. I’ll also like to include partnerships at a later date so that users can use their credit cards and purchase within the app without ever having to go to another store’s website.

Now, until I get an app developer and engineer to create this and make me rich, I’ve included some already developed Fashion Apps that’ll hold you over until my App is out for purchase. (wink, wink).

Spring– This App made waves in 2014 and was one of the most hyped fashion apps so far. Raising $7.5 million in capital from backers like Group Arnault, Proenza Schouler CEO Shirley Cook, Google Ventures and Theory’s Andrew Rosen, there was a lot to be expected. This Shopping app has a great user interface and clean design.
Use it to follow favorite brands, find items and buy straight from the App. What the App lacks, however, is world-brand participation and a clear search mode. You’re asked about your interests and then given a list of participating brands and a “scroll” feature much like Pinterest.

Keep– “is revolutionizing the way stylish women discover and shop for trending products across the entire web. Keep’s never-been-done-before web-wide shopping cart opens the floodgates of mobile commerce by making it possible for shoppers to buy any product from any store, anywhere, in one seamless and delightful checkout experience: the Keep One Cart.”
Pros: Everything goes into one cart and you don’t have to pay separate shipping! There’s even an “under $50” category.
Cons: Much like Spring, it’s only based of participating stores and you’re not able to “search” for a particular item.

Any Favorite Fashion apps that are a must for you? Let me know!

(photo credit to ASOS- all tops are currently available for sale if you loved any of the above. btw.)


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