The Journey Ends Here, But The Story Continues…..

grumpy cat

As many of you know, I’ve been conducting my blog as a college assignment through my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course at Texas State. We’ve now come to the end of the semester and I’d like to walk through some of the pro’s and the not-so-pro’s to the blog assignment itself, the tools we learned, and using social media as a promotion tool.

This class opened my eyes to the potential world of blogging as a career. I had played around with the idea, if only to begin as a passionate hobby in hopes of being one of the few successful bloggers on the web and realized that it’s tremendously more work than I had originally expected. No, this isn’t your average Tumblr account where you can dump all of your fabulous ideas and thoughts.

Having had experience with WordPress in my professional career beforehand, I had a general knowledge of what I was getting myself into. I knew how to upload posts, edit, and create my own “about me” pages.  However, things that I hadn’t taken the time to learn were simple, yet important things like creating slideshows, tagging photos to optimize web search results and changing the post format.

I learned that using tools like promoting my posts on Twitter get my posts looked at – For example, I made sure to tag local blogger ATX Street Style in my tweet story and she re-tweeted and re-posted my article on her Twitter page and Facebook page. I received 240 views in one day compared to the average 25 I had been getting.

What would I want to improve within the blog is obvious to a perfectionistic mind like my own. Having only my mac and iphone as tools for photography, movie and editing, I had posts that to me were less than professional. As much as I like clothing, I am by no means a model and found it extremely difficult posing as such.

Looking back, my blog would’ve been much better with a professional camera, a professional model, or a more creative way of showcasing clothing – perhaps showcasing my clothing ideas in non-traditional sense.

Lastly, the knowledge of blogging and the tools we used are extremely useful in several professional settings, including marketing professional positions, advertising, social media coordinators and the like.

To sum it up: I’d make a hell of a Free People Blogger.


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