The Journey Ends Here, But The Story Continues…..

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As many of you know, I’ve been conducting my blog as a college assignment through my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course at Texas State. We’ve now come to the end of the semester and I’d like to walk through some of the pro’s and the not-so-pro’s to the blog assignment itself, the tools we learned, and using social media as a promotion tool.

This class opened my eyes to the potential world of blogging as a career. I had played around with the idea, if only to begin as a passionate hobby in hopes of being one of the few successful bloggers on the web and realized that it’s tremendously more work than I had originally expected. No, this isn’t your average Tumblr account where you can dump all of your fabulous ideas and thoughts.

Having had experience with WordPress in my professional career beforehand, I had a general knowledge of what I was getting myself into. I knew how to upload posts, edit, and create my own “about me” pages.  However, things that I hadn’t taken the time to learn were simple, yet important things like creating slideshows, tagging photos to optimize web search results and changing the post format.

I learned that using tools like promoting my posts on Twitter get my posts looked at – For example, I made sure to tag local blogger ATX Street Style in my tweet story and she re-tweeted and re-posted my article on her Twitter page and Facebook page. I received 240 views in one day compared to the average 25 I had been getting.

What would I want to improve within the blog is obvious to a perfectionistic mind like my own. Having only my mac and iphone as tools for photography, movie and editing, I had posts that to me were less than professional. As much as I like clothing, I am by no means a model and found it extremely difficult posing as such.

Looking back, my blog would’ve been much better with a professional camera, a professional model, or a more creative way of showcasing clothing – perhaps showcasing my clothing ideas in non-traditional sense.

Lastly, the knowledge of blogging and the tools we used are extremely useful in several professional settings, including marketing professional positions, advertising, social media coordinators and the like.

To sum it up: I’d make a hell of a Free People Blogger.


Keeping The Focus on Austin Artists: An Interview with Kathryn Leffingwell

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Kathryn Leffingwell, Co-founder and COO of Austin RAD magazine. Kathryn gives us the scoop on the Austin Artist scene, how the local fashion scene is changing as well as some of her favorite affordable places to shop.  Enjoy!

It’s Earth Day: Wear Your Recycled and Vintage Items!

vintage clothing

While vintage shopping and thrifting has become more of a popularity statement than a money saving or environmentally conscious act, we really do tend to forget the act of shopping at Goodwill and our local vintage shop is really doing a lot of good for our environment.

Did you know that approximately 12 million tons of textile waste is generated each year in North America– amounting to approximately 68 lbs of waste per household per year! (

The fact that we’re throwing away a medium size child’s weight size in clothing a year is ASTOUNDING folks. But by recycling and reusing old clothing, vintage clothing and donating our unwanted clothing, we can help bring this ridiculous amount of waste down.

So for this Earth Day I’m celebrating by wearing my favorite thrifted items:

– Nasty Gal Crop Top from Buffalo Exchange $13

-Vintage 1960’s Maxi Skirt from Blue Velvet Vintage $23

Spring Trend 2015: Red Alert

Monochromatic Red

One of the most fascinating times for new trends is during Fashion Week every spring. We see new trends through designer’s collections on the runway and many make predictions as to what will be the next look for the upcoming season.

Some of the best inspiration comes from what fashion bloggers and street style artists are wearing to events that really brings in the chatter.

This year we saw a lot of monochromatic red – a bold move and strong fashion choice, these fashionistas took to the streets clothed head to toe in the timeless and sexy color that calls for attention in a great way.

Check out Harper’s Bazaar Top 8 Street Style Trends: Spring 2015 for a glimpse at these crimson beauties.

If you’re fearless enough to rock the red on red trend, take a look at some of these great fashion finds – all for under $50!

photo credit: DIEGO ZUKO  Red by well-drest 

Zara stripe long dress

Zara red tee

H m jacket
$45 –

H M beading jewelry
$30 –

H&M metal frame glasses
$9.00 –

NYX red velvet lipstick

Keep it Weird – Keep it Stylish- Keep it Austin Street Style

I have a new found respect and admiration for creative, successful- and damn good fashion bloggers.

I’ve had a long-time interest in fashion, blogging, photography, shopping and the occasional online blurb about a great outfit. It’s fun having an outlet for your creative energy. Regular fashion blogging, however…. is a JOB. It’s an art form that combines all interests into a discipline that not everyone can conquer.

So today, I give a huge shout out to those bloggers who’ve dedicated their time, talents, efforts and good writing skills to giving us the enjoyable reads we indulge in today. In particular, a shout out to one of my favorite local bloggers:


austin, atxstreetstyle, fashion

While Austin is known for “keeping it weird” it’s also buzzing with stylish, trendy and inspiring energy that Shelley Neuman expertly captures.

Shelley started the blog in 2011 as a creative outlet after being inspired by other street style blogs, and after some surprising internet searching, realized our unique city was lacking in it’s own blog praising our rare style.

The great thing about this blog is it’s approachability. Shelley brilliantly interviews each person she captures to discover where they buy their unique looks.

Street style blogs are always inspiring. They showcase real people in their day-to-day clothing that’s celebrated with a creative capture. Cities are swelling with stylish, exciting energy and it’s brought forth by the artistry of these individuals.

As a five-year resident of the great city of Austin, TX I rejoice in our city’s thriving creative community and the energy that swells from the heart of our residents. Looking at Austin Street Style gives me a great sense of pride in our people and our uniqueness.

At an average income per capita of $31,387 the buzzing young adult nightlife and stylish individual accurately portray an affordable, approachable fashion sense.

You’ll see several looks from real people that combine vintage pieces with items from affordable stores like JCrew, H&M, Forever21 and online retailers.

This blog is an ode to personal style, day-to-day fashion, realistic trends and the beautiful “weirdness” that is Austin.


(photos Shelley Neuman @

Finally, I ordered my first Stitch Fix

As most of you know, I’m a stylist for the company Stitch Fix. With all the personal styling I get to do, I really have to admit I love my job. But a strong voice inside my head said “IT IS TIME” (something in the voice of Rafiki from Lion King) and I knew I needed to start walking the walk since I talk the talk- literally- on a daily basis. That meant finally scheduling my own Fix for myself!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it is “the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you.” Essentially, the long and short of it is you receive 5 unique and personally styled items sent to your doorstep.

Now, I’m no “selfie photographer” expert here, nor am I a model by any means, but I wanted the feel of each item to be described accurately in today’s post.

While I loved everything, unfortunately the jeans I had sent myself were too large, so those will be going back.  This really is a fun experience and I encourage anyone to try it out and see if they like it!

Learn more about how the process works here.

*the opinions, ideas and views stated above are merely my own. I am not endorsed by Stitch Fix for my opinions.

Your Ultimate Guide To (cheap!) Spring Denim Trends


Boyfriend. Flare. Distressed. Skinny. High waisted. Cropped. Wide leg.

There’s no denying that denim is a hot trend this season as well as the types of styles, washes, finishes and hem lengths. It can get a bit daunting, not to mention pricey- once you start looking at all the amazing options that are out there this spring.

click on the photos below for some amazing new looks that won’t break the bank.

Dress For Your Shape – The Perfect Pear

pear body shape, pear, woman body shape
Let’s talk about the pear shaped body. Women with pear shaped bodies – rejoice in your amazing curves! You girls are SEXY. To make the most out of your bodacious body, let’s look at some typical body characteristics:
  • You carry your weight in the lower half of your body.
  • Your bottom half is wider than your shoulders
  • You have a clearly defined waist
  • You have rounded hips
  • Smaller or flat bust

For the Perfect Pear body, you want to downplay your hips by showing off your arms. Be sure to stick to darker wash denim and pants and play up the top half of your body; look for fun prints, cool patterns, and unique details. When you’re looking for dresses and skirts, look for A-line fits and fit and flare dresses. You’ll want to avoid pencil skirts and any straight laying fitted piece that emphasizes your hips. Wear bold accessories like statement necklaces and bright earrings to draw the eye upward.


  • Wear dark denim in straight or bootcut fits
  • Wear bright and bold shirts
  • Look for A-line dresses and skirts
  • Play off your petite shoulders!


  • Wear sheath dresses and pencil skirts
  • Pick skinny jeans as your first go-to jean.
  • wear clingy fabrics
  • buy bright printed bottoms or skirts

The look below shows a great dress for a Perfect Pear body shape. The fit and flare silhouette will downplay your hips, the navy color is great for disguising your wider bottom half, and the top of the dress has intricate lace detail that draws the eye upwards. Style it with fun bright accessories like the yellow purse for contrast and an edgy finish.

pear body shape, perfect pear body, women's fashion

Siren high heel shoes
$53 –

Evening handbag
$50 –

Dress For Your Body shape – The Delicious Apple

 It’s no mystery that we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors and types…. we as people and women are as diverse a species as they come. That’s why it’s so important that you understand what “shape” your body type is, and how to dress to accentuate the parts of your body that flatter your figure.

Today, I’m starting with the Apple body shape.

You know you’re an apple if:

  • You tend to carry your weight in your midsection
  • The bottom parts of your body are smaller in proportion to your top half.
  • You have a larger bust
  • Your waist is not very defined.

Maximize your assets!! 

Your best features are: bust, shoulders arms and legs.

Say yes to empire waists!

Look for tops with v-necks and sweetheart necklines with empire waists.

Tunic dresses that show off your legs.

Look for A-line dresses and skirts.

The Delicious Apple: The Free Spirit

Apple Body Shape - boho style

“Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I had so much fun finding items that were on-trend and most importantly affordable!! Take a look at some pieces I found at Buffalo Exchange that are perfect for the spring season – everything is under $30!