It’s Earth Day: Wear Your Recycled and Vintage Items!

vintage clothing

While vintage shopping and thrifting has become more of a popularity statement than a money saving or environmentally conscious act, we really do tend to forget the act of shopping at Goodwill and our local vintage shop is really doing a lot of good for our environment.

Did you know that approximately 12 million tons of textile waste is generated each year in North America– amounting to approximately 68 lbs of waste per household per year! (

The fact that we’re throwing away a medium size child’s weight size in clothing a year is ASTOUNDING folks. But by recycling and reusing old clothing, vintage clothing and donating our unwanted clothing, we can help bring this ridiculous amount of waste down.

So for this Earth Day I’m celebrating by wearing my favorite thrifted items:

– Nasty Gal Crop Top from Buffalo Exchange $13

-Vintage 1960’s Maxi Skirt from Blue Velvet Vintage $23


Finally, I ordered my first Stitch Fix

As most of you know, I’m a stylist for the company Stitch Fix. With all the personal styling I get to do, I really have to admit I love my job. But a strong voice inside my head said “IT IS TIME” (something in the voice of Rafiki from Lion King) and I knew I needed to start walking the walk since I talk the talk- literally- on a daily basis. That meant finally scheduling my own Fix for myself!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it is “the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you.” Essentially, the long and short of it is you receive 5 unique and personally styled items sent to your doorstep.

Now, I’m no “selfie photographer” expert here, nor am I a model by any means, but I wanted the feel of each item to be described accurately in today’s post.

While I loved everything, unfortunately the jeans I had sent myself were too large, so those will be going back.  This really is a fun experience and I encourage anyone to try it out and see if they like it!

Learn more about how the process works here.

*the opinions, ideas and views stated above are merely my own. I am not endorsed by Stitch Fix for my opinions.

Your Ultimate Guide To (cheap!) Spring Denim Trends


Boyfriend. Flare. Distressed. Skinny. High waisted. Cropped. Wide leg.

There’s no denying that denim is a hot trend this season as well as the types of styles, washes, finishes and hem lengths. It can get a bit daunting, not to mention pricey- once you start looking at all the amazing options that are out there this spring.

click on the photos below for some amazing new looks that won’t break the bank.