Keep it Weird – Keep it Stylish- Keep it Austin Street Style

I have a new found respect and admiration for creative, successful- and damn good fashion bloggers.

I’ve had a long-time interest in fashion, blogging, photography, shopping and the occasional online blurb about a great outfit. It’s fun having an outlet for your creative energy. Regular fashion blogging, however…. is a JOB. It’s an art form that combines all interests into a discipline that not everyone can conquer.

So today, I give a huge shout out to those bloggers who’ve dedicated their time, talents, efforts and good writing skills to giving us the enjoyable reads we indulge in today. In particular, a shout out to one of my favorite local bloggers:


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While Austin is known for “keeping it weird” it’s also buzzing with stylish, trendy and inspiring energy that Shelley Neuman expertly captures.

Shelley started the blog in 2011 as a creative outlet after being inspired by other street style blogs, and after some surprising internet searching, realized our unique city was lacking in it’s own blog praising our rare style.

The great thing about this blog is it’s approachability. Shelley brilliantly interviews each person she captures to discover where they buy their unique looks.

Street style blogs are always inspiring. They showcase real people in their day-to-day clothing that’s celebrated with a creative capture. Cities are swelling with stylish, exciting energy and it’s brought forth by the artistry of these individuals.

As a five-year resident of the great city of Austin, TX I rejoice in our city’s thriving creative community and the energy that swells from the heart of our residents. Looking at Austin Street Style gives me a great sense of pride in our people and our uniqueness.

At an average income per capita of $31,387 the buzzing young adult nightlife and stylish individual accurately portray an affordable, approachable fashion sense.

You’ll see several looks from real people that combine vintage pieces with items from affordable stores like JCrew, H&M, Forever21 and online retailers.

This blog is an ode to personal style, day-to-day fashion, realistic trends and the beautiful “weirdness” that is Austin.


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